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Modeling and Implementation of a Parallel Hybrid Vehicle, 03-9005

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Principal Investigators
Ashok Nedungadi
Mark Walls
Bapi Surampudi

Inclusive Dates: 01/01/97 - 09/01/98

Background - Next-generation vehicles are subject to ever-increasing environmental constraints. In particular, the limitations of the more well-known series hybrid vehicles provided the impetus to investigate a novel parallel hybrid powertrain. The proposed parallel hybrid drivetrain design overcomes many limitations of series hybrid designs and outperforms existing parallel hybrid configurations.

Approach - The goal of the project was to develop a parallel hybrid powertrain based on the combination of speeds type. A computer model of the drivetrain was first developed, followed by extensive simulations to observe the performance of the various components operating under a multitude of driving cycles. The computer simulation results were used to select the hardware components needed for the prototype. The developed hybrid drivetrain consists of a 1.0-liter combustion engine (40-kilowatts peak), an AC induction electric motor (53-kilowatts peak), energized by 26 deep cycle lead acid batteries. An SwRI-designed planetary gear box combines the engine and motor power and diverts this power to the drivetrain. The prototype was extensively tested on different driving profiles, and key measurements were taken to validate the developed model.

Accomplishments - In this project, a functioning prototype of a parallel hybrid drivetrain, based on the combination of speeds type was designed, fabricated, and tested. The computer model generated the design specifications for all prototype hardware. The prototype was successfully tested on a multitude of driving profiles. Initial fuel consumption measurements indicate a 2X fuel economy of 60 miles per gallon for a mid-size vehicle. Key measurements made on the prototype were used for model validation. The research team achieved a very satisfactory agreement between computer model and hardware.


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SwRI has designed and developed a unique parallel hybrid powertrain.

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