Quick Look

 Engine Oil Consumption Measurement Using the 
Metal-Tracer Technique, 03-9141

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Principal Investigator
Nathan Forster

Inclusive Dates: 04/23/99 - 03/20/00

Background - The purpose of this quick-look project was to evaluate the practicality of two different methods using metal contained in the engine oil additive package to serve as a tracer for engine oil consumption.

Approach - Using the accurate and precise SO2-tracer technique, research staff measured oil consumption on a 1.9-liter, direct injected-diesel engine. Analyzing particulate filters and lubricant samples obtained from the same engine, research personnel evaluated the suitability of applying the alternative metal-tracer technique.

Accomplishments - This study determined that the filter media is extremely important in any successful application of the metal-tracer technique. Finally, oil samples should be analyzed by the ICP method, which provides excellent accuracy and repeatability.

2000 Program