Distributed System Data Visualization, 10-9115

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Principal Investigators
Thomas J. Eisenhut
Hollis A. Thomas
Aaron Graham
Sitakanta Mohanty

Inclusive Dates: 01/15/99 - 07/30/00

Background - During the summer and early fall of 1998, SwRI developed a Java-based data visualization program of interest to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The software took output data from the Total-system Performance Assessment (TPA) program, which simulates the proposed nuclear waste storage facility at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, and, through the use of a Graphical User Interface (GUI), allowed the user to choose which data sets to plot to the screen.

Approach - The purpose of this follow-on focused research project is to develop and implement innovative techniques to expand the functionality of this data-visualization software and to take greater advantage of the power of the Java programming language. The major technical tasks of the project are as follows:

  • Develop the capability to quickly and easily plot data accessed over the Internet. Users at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will be able to access data sets created by TPA runs at SwRI (and vice versa) by using an http:\\ type address.

  • Develop the capability to execute user-selected improved versions of the TPA code remotely over the Internet. Users will be able to initiate the remote execution of the computationally intensive TPA code on more powerful, remote computers through the user interface.

  • Develop an intuitive method to customize the format and style of the graphs after they are displayed. Users will easily be able to vary the axis ranges and scales and the color, size, style, and format of many of the chart elements.

  • Develop unique methods to customize the specifics (i.e., nuclide, realization, subarea) of the data being plotted. Users will have the ability to screen and filter the data they want to view to ease the analysis of the data.

  • Develop an innovative GUI using the expanded capabilities of Java, Ver. 1.2. The newest version of Java allows the use of popup menus, tabbed panes, drag-and-drop data transfer, and icons, all of which will make the software interface easy to understand and use even after more functions are added.

Accomplishments - This project has completed its objectives. The TPA plotter program is a Java-executable program to be run on client computers. The TPA plotter program generates graphs from data processed by the TPA analysis program. Data files generated by the TPA analysis program may be downloaded or accessed directly from a web site. The TPA plotter program may request execution of the TPA analysis program on a remote server. A server side program is provided to support this remote execution request. The GUI capabilities were expanded through the use of Java, Ver. 1.2. The user can now optimize the style and format of the plotted graphs and can customize the nuclide, realization, and subarea specifics of the data being plotted.

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