Projects Funded on October 1, 1999

Encapsulation of an Oral Rabies Antigen W. Schlameus
J.D. Trevino
Fuel-Wall Interactions Within the Cylinder of Direct-Injected, Spark-Ignition Engines R.H. Stanglmaier
New Filtering and Regulation Techniques with Application to Airborne Pointing Systems M.J. Smith
Solar Instrument Technology Development for NASA Explorer Class Missions D.M. Hassler
D.C. Slater
W.C. Gibson
A Very High-Speed, Mixed Mode Time-to-Digital ASIC for Space M.E. Epperly
Automatic Parsing of Spectrograms for Signal Recognition D.C. Varner
J.A. Sills
C.B. Brown
R.T. Bentley
Development of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Chlorpyrifos S.A. Timmons


Projects Funded on January 1, 2000

Investigation of Diesel Fuel Properties on Emissions T.W. Ryan III
A.C. Matheaus
Diesel Engine Particle-Free Exhaust Gas Recirculation I. Khalek
Using Pressure Patterns to Detect Natural Motions for Traversing Virtual Environments W.C. Couvillion
R.R. Lopez
S.M. Porter
A Novel Ultra-Wideband Antenna T.J. Warnagiris
Development of a Diagnostic Method for Spinal Fusion S.W. Zogbi
L.D. Canady Jr.
K.S. Honeyager
J.A. Helffrich
A Mars Solar-Electric Airship Design Study and Mission Simulation W.D. Perry
M.K. McLelland
Development of Optimization Techniques for E-9-1-1 Wireless Location Performance R.L. Johnson
B.W. Fessler


Projects Funded on April 1, 2000

Investigation into Electrocardiogram Motion Artifact Reduction D.A. Tong
J.M. Pickard
Seismic-Acoustic Delineation and Mapping Technique
for DNAPL-Contaminated Geological Materials
J.R. Keys
S. Hsiung
Development of Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technology to Determine Age-Related Human Bone Changes Q. Ni
J.D. King
Detection and Direction Finding for Time-Division, Multiple-Access Cellular Signals A.R. Burmeister
D.M. Werner
Development of Novel Vanadium Carbide Coatings Using a Large-Area, Nonline-of-Sight Plasma Process K.C. Walter
J.H. Arps
Efficient Probabilistic Analysis Methods for Complex Numerical Models With Large Numbers of Random Variables J.Y. Wu
S. Mohanty


Projects Funded on July 1, 2000

Investigation of Integrated System Dynamic Simulation for Reciprocating Machinery
F.A. Thomassy
P. Harrell
Design and Implementation of a Reconfigurable Virtual Hybrid Electric Vehicle Simulator
B. Surampudi
J. Steiber
Development of Precision Surface Profile Measurement Capability

E.A. Franke
R.J. Beeson
M.J. Magee
J.N. Mitchell
M.P. Rigney
Technology Study for Free-Flying Sciencecraft

R. Goldstein
J.P. Cravens
Investigation of Solid-State Detectors for Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
M.P. WŁest
S.E. Weidner
DF Ship Calibration by Numerical Modeling
K.A. Lysiak
J.E. Hipp

Quick-Look Projects Funded To Date

A Study of High-Performance NASCAR Winston Cup, Engine Combustion, and Air/Fuel Ratio Distribution
S.E. Griffin
Investigating the Radar Design Options for Inadvertent Deployment Prevention of an Instantaneous Personal Protection System
T.J. Warnagiris
Adapt the Telemetry Collection Module as a VME Master Controller
J.M. Stone
Capability Demonstration for Applied Information Systems Research in Astronomy and Planetary Science
S.A. Stern
Structural Characteristics of Gels by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques
Q. Ni
J.D. King
Design and Test of a Tower-Mounted Very High Frequency Antenna Array
K.A. Lysiak
Interfacing Personal Data Assistants for Intelligent Transportation Systems Applications
S.H.K. Fitch
S.W. Dellenback
Cardiac Rhythm Identification Based on Chest Wall Motion D.A. Tong
J.M. Pickard
Incipient Engine Failure Predictor
R.A. Smithson
Capability Development for Large-Scale Solar System Formation Studies
H.F. Levison
Shaft Stiffening Effects in Large Turbomachines
A.J. Smalley
Compression Mass Gauge for Very Large Cryogenic Tanks F.T. Dodge
S.T. Green
Probabilistic Cervical Spine Injury Analysis Using the Blue Mountain Massively Parallel Supercomputer
D.P. Nicolella
B.H. Thacker
Investigation of Animal Detection for Traffic Accident Mitigation
M.P. Rigney
Capability Development for Simulating a New Paradigm of Planetary Formation
D.D. Durda
Impact Analysis of Rare-Earth Magnet Materials G.P. Miller
Characterization  of Gas Turbine Blade Coating Layers Using Eddy-Current Testing

G.L. Burkhardt
J.L. Fisher

Java Interface for SIGINT Processing

R.G. Fenske Jr.
J.H. Nixon

Performance Verification for the Diverging Taper Honeycomb Seal

A.J. Smalley
J.R. Hollingsworth


Presidential Discretion Projects Funded To Date

Sophie Rocket Stray Light Analysis
D.M. Hassler
The Preliminary Design of PCI/VME Bridge Chip
M.K. McLelland
MEMS Materials Testing and Quality Assurance System S.J. Hudak Jr.
S.R. Runnels
D.P. Nicolella
R.A. Page
G.G. Chell
Development of Advanced System Software for the SC-603E Spacecraft Computer R.L. Killough
M.K. McLelland


Focused Research Projects Funded To Date

Investigation of Micromachine-Based Inertial Sensors H. Spence
S.W. Zogbi
Investigation of MEMS-Fabricated Actuators for Use in Optical and Mechanical Applications J.E. Navarro
H.S. Hanson
J.N. Mitchell
Development of a Field Emission Ionization Source Using Spindt Cathodes M.P. WŁest
G.B. Miller
Development of a Combined Optical Emission and Absorption Spectrometer Using Micromachined Optical Components G.B. Miller
M.P. WŁest


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