2000 Advisory Committee for Research

Seated, Left to Right: Dr. James F. Unruh; Dr. Thomas W. Ryan III; Dr. Stephen T. Wellinghoff, Vice Chairman; Dr. Walter F. Huebner, Chairman; Dr. Kwai S. Chan, and Dr. Anthony J. Smalley.
Standing, Left to Right: Dr. Richard A. Page; Dr. Ernest A. Franke; Dr. Richard L. Johnson; Norma L. Duran, ACR Coordinator; Walter D. Downing, Administrator; Dr. Jackie E. Hipp; Dr. Steven W. Dellenback, PMP, and Dr. Franklin T. Dodge
Not Pictured: Dr. Clark R. Chapman, Dr. G. Graham Chell, Dr. Stephen J. Hudak Jr., Dr. Thomas B. Morrow, Dr. Clifford A. Moses, Dr. William R. Ward, and Dr. J. David Winningham.

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