Quick Look

FPGA Development Tools Evaluation, 16-9348

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Principal Investigator
James Nixon
Sue Baldor
Chris Smith

Inclusive Dates: 09/23/02 - 01/23/03

Background - This Quick Look IR&D effort evaluated a high-level design tool for the rapid implementation of signal processing algorithms on FPGA hardware. The purpose of this effort was to reduce risk of proposing the use of this technology in a Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) system proposal.

Approach - SwRI® evaluated a rapid FPGA design implementation tool offered by Annapolis Micro Systems. A typical high-speed data interface design and a portion of a signal-detection algorithm were selected as candidate problems to evaluate the development tool. SwRI used the development tools and simulation environment to evaluate the applicability of this technology on high-performance SIGINT projects.

Accomplishments - The rapid FPGA development tool kit from Annapolis Micro Systems was evaluated by implementing a data handler for a high-speed data bus and signal-processing code for a portion of a signal-detection algorithm.

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