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Air pollution control
E. Robert Fanick

Artificial intelligence
Dave Ogden

Component/system testing
Dr. Klaus Brun

Computer-based training
Dr. Katharine C. Golas

Environmental qualification testing
Timothy A. Fey

Failure analysis
Dr. Sastry Cheruvu

Fluid mechanics, heat transfer
Steve Green
Danny M. Deffenbaugh

Fuel metering
William J. Astleford

Fuels and lubricants
Steve Marty

Maintenance optimization
R. Craig McClung

Materials, life management
Dr. Sastry Cheruvu

Noise abatement
Dr. James F. Unruh

Nondestructive evaluation
Dr. Jay L. Fisher

Performance evaluation
Robert J. McKee
David E. Jungbauer

Stress analysis, structural analysis
Dr. Sastry Cheruvu
Joseph W. Cardinal

Testing, diagnostics, electronics
Richard D. Somers

Vibration, rotor dynamics, balancing
Dr. Klaus Brun

General questions
Dr. Sastry Cheruvu

Gas Turbine Technology Brochure
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