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SwRI engineers use computational fluid dynamics analyses to model and improve the flow of hydraulic fluid in a manifold, as depicted here. The color gradations conform to varying flow rates.

Technology Today® Fall 2006

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image: Hydraulic accumulators 
built of composite 
materials provide the
strength-to-weight ratios
needed for efficient use 
in vehicles.

Balance of Power

Hydraulic-powered components add to vehicle efficiency, reduce emissions.

Icon: Because ultrasonic meters provide 
sound speed as an output, the 
algorithm combined with an ultrasonic
meter provides a measurement of 
energy flow rate

The Fluid Properties Meter

SwRI researchers develop innovative energy meter to determine natural gas properties.

Icon: The SwRI-developed MsS heat
exchanger probe inspects the entire
length of a heat exchanger tube,
generally within 20 to 30 seconds.

MsS® Heat Exchanger Probe Wins R&D 100 Award

Inspection system surveys heat exchanger tubes faster than conventional methods.

Icon: The eddy current conformable array developed at

Making the World a Safer Place to Live

Technologies that nondestructively examine materials and structures for flaws remain vital to assuring the reliability of America's industrial components and aging infrastructure


Icon: A challenge for flight simulators
is the accurate simulation of
take off and landing maneuvers
with various aircraft configurations, such as weights, 
environmental conditions and
equipment malfunctions.

Air Crews in Training

An upgraded simulator helps train Air Force Reserve C-130 air crews.


Technical Staff Activities

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