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This close-up view of an aircraft wing partially stripped of paint reveals rivets and the original aluminum skin (right). An SwRI robotic depaint system efficiently removed several coats of paint fro this aircraft to enable surface inspections and repairs, as well as to reduce aircraft weight.

Technology Today® Spring 2000

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A Decade Later

A major retrofit of the robotic depaint facility — completed 10 years after the original program began — is keeping the Air Force F-15 fleet flying high.

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Computers in the Sky

Unmanned aerial vehicles outfitted with autonomous guidance and control systems are increasingly replacing human-piloted craft for dangerous or expensive tasks.

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Improving Tank Car Safety

Damage tolerance analysis methods are helping the railway industry assess the structural integrity of tank cars.

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The Asteroid Moon

The first ground-based observations of a moon orbiting an asteroid are helping researchers learn more about asteroid composition and structure.


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