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SwRI has supported the natural gas industry for more than 50 years through a number of research programs and facilities such as the Metering Research Facility shown here. The high-accuracy natural gas flow laboratory is used for meter research, calibration and evaluation.

Technology Today® Spring 2006

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The Particulars of Diesel Particle Emissions

New research looks at particle numbers and size as well as mass.

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Maximizing a Potentially Significant Energy Source

SwRI researchers develop ultra-thin metal membranes for hydrogen gas separation.

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Supply and Demand

Despite rising costs, natural gas will remain an important source of energy worldwide.

Icon New Horizons mission atop an Atlas V rocket

Destination: Pluto

New Horizons spacecraft begins an historic, 10-year voyage to the Ice Planet.

Solar Soundings

A NASA rocket carrying a next-generation ultraviolet spectrograph for solar physics research will help answer some of the mysteries of the Sun.


Technical Staff Activities

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