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Heavy-duty diesel engine components, such as the bearings, camshaft, and rocker arm shown on the cover, are increasingly subjected to design requirements for lighter weight and increased load capacity, to improve fuel efficiency while providing equal or greater horsepower. Balancing these considerations while working to prevent and understand more precisely the processes of wear and failure are important aspects of Institute engine design and analysis projects (see article beginning on page 2).

Technology Today® Spring 1996

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Engine Design

From the drawing board to the keyboard ... computer-based tools provide new insight into engine performance as they cut development time

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Harmful Compounds Yield to Nonthermal Plasma Reactor

New gaseous emissions abatement method can be tailored to treat specific industrial effluents

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Journal Highlights SwRI Electromagnetic Field Studies

A special issue of Bioelectromagnetics consists solely of peer-reviewed papers documenting Institute studies of the effects of 60-Hz electric and magnetic fields on baboons

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Cold War Legacy: Low-Level Nuclear Weapons Waste

SwRI engineers develop sensor technology to facilitate waste characterization and long-term storage


Technical Staff Activities

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