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SwRI contributed to NASA’s return-to-flight program for the space shuttle with a number of projects in disciplines ranging from ballistic testing to mathematical impact modeling, probabilistic analysis and computational fluid dynamics.

Technology Today® Summer 2005

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Perspectives on Returning the Space Shuttle to Flight

Technology Today talks with a panel of SwRI experts in mechanical and materials engineering, ballistics, computational fluid dynamics and impact modeling regarding the Institute’s role in NASA’s space shuttle return-to-flight program.

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Refueling Realism

An SwRI-developed trainer helps Air Force refueling boom operators gain skills without flying.

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Running the Numbers

SwRI-developed software helps simplify reliability predictions of complex systems.

Icon of finite element model of cervical spine

Giving F-16 Wings a Lift

An SwRI-developed tool helps crews remove and re-attach fighter’s wings quickly and precisely.


Technical Staff Activities

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