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SwRI has designed, built and tested manned and unmanned deep submersibles for more than 40 years. The hull shown here, a critical element of a new U.S. Navy submarine rescue system, was designed and built at SwRI.

Technology Today® Summer 2006

Icon of transfer skirt configuration for rescuing disabled submarines

Voyage from the Bottom of the Sea

SwRI researchers help design a next-generation submarine rescue vehicle.

Icon of compact unmanned aircraft system.

Friendly Eyes, Hostile Skies

An SwRI-developed flight management system adds capability to a compact unmanned aircraft system.

Icon of tire on dynamometer

Quality Through a Prism

An SwRI-developed data acquisition system improves automotive fluid and component evaluations.

Icon of electric transmission lines

Ensuring the Health of Our Power Lines

SwRI engineers are working with EPRI to develop remote sensors for electric transmission lines.


Technical Staff Activities

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