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About the Cover: Sand core molds designed by SwRI researchers were used to cast the cylinder heads for a redesigned diesel engine. To maintain reasonable fuel efficiency SwRI engineers redesigned the engine from two valves per cylinder to four so that the base design could achieve Euro IV and Euro V emissions standards.

Technology Today® Summer 2008

Icon of computational flow model of coolant through block and head

Diesel Redesign

A new engine for the Asian market meets emissions control regulations.

Icon of IBEX spacecraft

Exploring the Galactic Frontier

The Interstellar Boundary Explorer is set to reveal fascinating new details about the region separating our solar system from interstellar space.

Icon of heavy-duty diesel engine

Setting the Standard

SwRI’s Heavy-Duty Engine Benchmarking Program provides a means to obtain comprehensive performance and design data on new diesel engines.

Icon of simulated transport of underground radioactive elements

Underground Movement

An SwRI-developed training program for dealing with behavioral problems is available for home computers or as an iPhone application.


Technical Staff Activities

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