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Approximately 50,000 industrial gas turbines are in use throughout the world, and they are gaining in market share against reciprocating engines and steam turbines. However, they tend to be technically complex and hard to maintain. A team of engineers at Southwest Research Institute has designed a novel gas turbine engine, whose turbine disk is shown here, that is intended to be simple to maintain and inexpensive to operate.

Technology Today® Winter 2004

Icon of centrifugal gas turbine

The Power of Design

SwRI engineers develop a low-cost centrifugal gas turbine.

A MEMS device, a one-centimeter-square chip, contains more than 60 different mechanical devices

MEMS — A Small World with Big Opportunities

SwRI engineers take on the big challenge of working on the very small scale.

Launching an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

Ears in the Sky

SwRI accomplishes airborne acoustic surveillance via unmanned aerial vehicles.

The FOCAS catalyst aging system: the primary combustor, its cooling fins, and ignition source

FOCAS® on Emissions Technology

An SwRI-developed apparatus may replace engine-based methods for catalyst aging.


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