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Natural gas, the world’s most abundant fuel source, is effective for reducing oxides of nitrogen and particulates from tractor-trailers, buses, refuse haulers, and other heavy-duty vehicles, but higher costs and the lack of a refueling infrastructure make natural gas use impractical. For now, fleet vehicles like these school buses are best suited for natural gas engines, such as those designed at SwRI, because they can easily refuel at a home base.

Technology Today® Fall 2000

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Evolution of an Engine

Innovative technologies are helping heavy-duty natural gas engines to meet the strictest emissions regulations yet.

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Designing Pipeline Safety

Engineers are building safety and reliability into today’s pipeline compressor systems.

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Safer Highways, Safer Skies

Technologies that could save lives on the road and in the air are named significant developments of the year.

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Spacecraft Exploration of Deep Space

A prominent space scientist considers deep space research and the ever-present budgetary ax.

SwRI Congratulates Nobel Winner Kilby


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