GPS-based RS-7 Beacon Characteristics

The RS-7 is an improved version of the RS-6. Software enhancements are employed to facilitate user-friendly programming and operation. For increased ease of manufacture, all functions except the GPS receiver are included on one circuit card.

Transmit Frequency

  • UHF Band

GPS Receiver Frequency

  • C/A code, 1575 MHz (L1)

UHF Transmit Power

  • 1 W minimum

LOS Interrogate Receiver Frequency

  • UHF Band

Message Storage Capacity

  • Route Buffer: 517 latitude, longitude, and altitude data sets
  • Satellite Transmit Buffer: 423 latitude, longitude, and altitude data sets


  • RS-7A: 1.230" x 2.236" x 5.095" (31 mm x 57 mm x 129 mm)
  • RS-7B: 1.688" x 2.500" x 5.063" (43 mm x 64 mm x 129 mm)
    (Antennas, connectors, cables, power source not included)


  • RS-7A: 12.35 oz (0.35 kg)
  • RS-7B: 11 oz (0.3 kg)

Power Requirements

  • DC Input Voltage--11 to 30 VDC
  • Standby Mode (varies with power supply voltage)-- 50 mW typical
  • GPS Receiver On (+active antenna)-- 2.5W typical
  • UHF transmit 900 msec burst)-- 8.5W typical

Operational Features

  • External Power and Convert/Battery Saver operating modes
  • Programmable GPS Sample interval (1 minute to 24 hours)
  • Real-time UHF transmission of GPS data at each sample interval
  • Buffered GPS sample storage (transmit buffer) with delayed transmission at 1500 pre-programmed satellite transmit opportunities)
  • Intermediate transmission of up to 30 most recent GPS fixes (3 fixes per beacon ID) upon receiving LOS interrogation command (RS-7B)
  • Post-mission RS-232 upload of recorded GPS data (route buffer)

Environmental Tolerance

  • Rugged commercial-grade modular construction
  • Splash-resistant gasketed enclosure
  • Operating temperature range of 0C to 50C

Interfaces and Controls

  • Power and ignition function connector, also used for programming and diagnostics
  • SMA female connector for GPS antenna
  • TNC female connector for UHF antenna


  • Active GPS patch antenna with magnetic base
  • UHF monopole antenna with magnetic base
  • Power cable with optional dual LED indicators (LED indications: power-on confirmation, number of GPS satellites tracked, GPS navigation confirmation and UHF transmission confirmation)
  • Plastic travel case with foam insert

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