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The images are an enlarged SEM image (background) of worn polymeric implant material, with fibrillar structures approximately 0.3 11m wide, and an AFM image (inset) of wear particles measuring about 0.05 11m in diameter.

Technology Today® Fall 1995

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Biomaterials: Body Parts of the Future

Institute scientists are developing materials and techniques to address the problems of biocompatibility, wear, and failure in joint, organ, and tissue replacements, to improve and prolong their performance in the human body.

artist's concept of the Kuiper Belt of comets outside Neptune's orbit

Comet Reservoir Detected at Outer Reaches of Solar System

Using the Hubble Space Telescope, a team of scientists from the University of Texas at Austin, Southwest Research Institute, and Queen's Universihj, Ontario, Canada, has confirmed the existence of the Kuiper Belt of comets.

image of Rapid Prototyping Engine Control System (RPECS)

Rapid Prototyping Engine Control System

A flexible tool designed at SwRI to help engineers and manufacturers develop and test engine control algorithms can be used with a variety of fuels and engine configurations.

photo of IR&D winners

Turbine Disk Rim Inspection System Wins R&D 100 Award

Institute-developed ultrasonic inspection system allows fast, accurate examination of turbine blades for stress corrosion cracking, helping utilities avoid expensive repairs and downtime.


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