U.S. Air Force pilots undergo extensive training to master the judgement and decision-making skills they will need in critical situations. The cover portrays a scene as might be viewed by an Air Force pilot conducting a mission rehearsal training exercise in a simulator.

Technology Today® Fall 1996

Icon of The Team Tactical Engagement Simulator (TTES)

The Many Languages of Training

Instructional courseware development experts at SwRi devise effective learning environments for military and commercial clients through the list of multiple training strategies and advanced interactive tools.

Icon of the rich-burn/lean-burn low NOx engine

Institute Innovations Claim Two R&D 100 Awards

A hybrid rich-burn lean-burn natural gas engine and software that visually represents actual weather conditions bring the Institute two awards in R&D Magazine's annual competition for outstanding technological advances.

Icon of the crash cushion attenuating terminal, or CAT®

Roadside Safety

Institute engineers continue to build on more than 30 years of research and development in effective safety devices for state highway departments and private industry.

Icon of snowy mountains

Where the Pipeline Meets the Permafrost

An innovative combined analytical and experimental approach provides a cost-effective means of assessing Trans-Alaska pipeline corrosion and settling.


Technical Staff Activities

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