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Internal Research Projects

"Advanced Methods for Value-Added Robotic Assembly," B. Nowak

"Automatic Link Establishment Communications," B. Robison, J.F. Wood, W.M. Sherrill

"Computational Fluid Dynamics Code Enhancement for Simulation of a Benchmark Fire Experiment," C.J. Freitas, M.L. Janssens

"Cervical Traction System Development," S.W. Zogbi, T.L. McDaniel, D. Musgrave

"Conceptual Design for a Miniaturized Heat Stress Monitor," K.S. Honeyager, L.D. Canady, T.L. McDaniel

"Development of Analytical Models for the NASA Cryogenic Liquid Acquisition and Supply System Experiment and the Smart Compression Mass Gauge Upgrade," F.T. Dodge, A.C. Rogers, C.A. Kuhl

"Development of a Full-Production Authoring Support System," K.C. Golas, E.D. Harloe, C.S. Bartoli

"Development of Geolocation Techniques Using Doppler Measurements from a Single Geostationary Satellite," R.T. Bentley, R.L. Johnson, M.P. Castles

"Development of a New Class of Hart Device," K.L. Holladay

"Development of a Video See-Through Head-Mounted Display for Virtual Environment Applications," R.K. Standridge, J.R. Deres

"E-911 Cellular Telephone Location Development," R.L. Johnson

"The Effect of Fuel Injection Strategies and Air Motion in a Medium-to-Heavy Duty, Direct-Injected, Spark-Ignited, Gasoline-Fueled Engine," S.E. Griffin, T.W. Ryan

"Guided Wave Tube Gun," J.W. Brophy

"Hemocompatible Coating for Metallic Cardiovascular Components," K. Dannemann, A.Y. Huang-Saad, J.H. Arps

"Intelligent Management System for Oxygen Babies," X. Zhao

"Investigation of Parafoil UAV Performance," D.A. Ogden, R.D. Knuppel

"An Invited Contribution to a Comprehensive Reference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering," R.L. Johnson, W.M. Sherrill, J.E. Hipp

"Magnetic Resonance for Multi-Phase Flow Metering," J.D. King, Q. Ni

"Method to Reduce Transient-Enhanced Diffusion and Improve SH Junction Formation in Silicon Integrated Circuits," G. Dearnaley, J.H. Arps

"Microwave-Induced Microencapsulation," N. Vasishtha, C. Brazel, J.D. King

"Mode Resolved High Frequency Direction Finding Performance Test Using the Music Super-Resolution DF Algorithm," B. Robison, W.M. Sherrill

"Modeling NOx Emissions in Diesel and Gasoline Engines," L.G. Dodge

"Next-Generation Computer Model for Space-Weather Specification and Forecasting," G. Crowley, C.J. Freitas, R. Link

"A Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Demodulator for Digital Wideband Architectures," J.A. Sills, P.J. Howley, J.F. Wood

"Southwest Ultraviolet Imaging System Airborne Demonstration," S.A. Stern

"Seismic Wave Image Measurement Technique for Mine Detection Feasibility Study," K.W. Stephens, J.M. Hayden

"Supplying Ar and He to the Atmosphere of Mercury," T.H. Morgan

"Thermal Stability of Jet Fuels: The Kinetics of Forming Deposit Precursors," D.W. Naegeli, C.A. Moses


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