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Saturn's distinctive ring system, stretching some 45,000 kilometers from inner to outer edge but with almost infinitesimal thickness averaging just 20 meters, adds an element of mystery to the seven-year voyage of the Cassini spacecraft, which carries instrumentation designed by SwRI scientists.

Technology Today® Fall 1997

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Saturn: A Journey of Exploration and Discovery

When the Cassini spacecraft leaves Earth in October 1997 to begin its seven-year, 1.4 billion-kilometer journey to Saturn, it will carry the most sophisticated set of experimental equipment yet flown to any planet. Institute scientists developed two elements of the Cassini instrument package.

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The Heat Is On

Using knowledge gleaned from studies of planets and comets, Institute scientists are building computer models to further understand the Urban Heat Island effect, a phenomenon thought responsible for increased temperatures in large cities.

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Suspension System earns R&D 100 Award

A regenerative active vehicle suspension system invented by two SwRI engineers becomes the Institute's 18th winner in the R&D 100 Award competition, honoring the 100 most significant technological advances of the year.

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The Hunt for Hydrocarbons

Theoretical and numerical models of oil and gas reservoirs, developed by SwRI scientists, aid in exploration for hydrocarbons.

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Propane Vehicle Challenge

Student engineering teams from universities in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, take their modified propane-powered vehicles on the road and into the laboratory.


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