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Insulin injections prolong the lives of diabetics but can result in complications associated with the kidneys, eyes, and nervous system. These complications arise because the injections cannot reproduce the body's precise physiological monitoring and release of the hormone. Researchers at SwRI are developing an extremely biocompatible matrix to address a lingering problem with this approach--the capsules' ability to protect islets (enlarged in the photo at the top left) from the body's immune system for extended periods.

Technology Today® Spring 1997

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Replacing Cells to Fight Disease

Encapsulating and transplanting pancreatic islets of Langerhans has received much attention as a treatment for insulin-dependent diabetics. SwRI scientists are testing a biomatrix that may be able to extend cell viability and ward off immunorejection.

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Saving Lives with SABER™

Created to cut through battlefield confusion, the Situational Awareness BEacon with Reply system, or SABER, is being used by the military to reduce friendly fire, track troop and asset movement, and link existing command, control, and communications systems.

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Toolkit for Tomorrow's Car

Lighter, more efficient, powered by low-emissions technologies -- the car of the future is being shaped by engineers and analysts whose tools are advanced simulation and modeling programs.

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Added Safety and Convenience for San Antonio Motorists

Institute researchers are developing a number of innovative features to improve traffic flow and increase traveler safety. The improvements will be implemented through the Texas Department of Transportation TransGuide System


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