The Clean Diesel Team 

Petroleum companies, component suppliers, and engine manufacturers make up the Clean Diesel III consortium, which is focused on developing new technologies to reduce diesel engine emissions. 

U.S. participants include Caterpillar, Inc.; Delphi Diesel Systems; EMITEC, Inc.; Jacobs Vehicle Equipment Co.; Mack Trucks, Inc./Renault Vehicules Industriels; Cummins Engine Co.; Detroit Diesel Corp.; Honeywell Turbocharging Systems; John Deere PEC; Eaton Corp.; Pure Energy Co., and Texaco. 

Overseas participants include Isuzu Motors Advanced Engineering Center Ltd., Japan; IVECO Motorenforschung AG, Switzerland; PSA Peugeot Citroen, France; Volvo Truck Corp., Sweden; DAF Trucks, N.V., Netherlands; Hyundai Motors Ltd., Korea; and Komatsu, Ltd., Japan. 

Several other organizations are in the process of joining.

A Cleaner-Burning Diesel
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