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Since 1990, Southwest Research Institute has been recognized as a leader in the design, development, noise reduction, and shift quality of automatic, manual, and continuously variable transmissions. Manufacturers are increasingly looking to the continuously variable transmission (CVT) to increase fuel efficiency, thus reducing emissions. These sheaves are used in the metal push-pull belt-type CVT.

Technology Today® Summer 2000

Computer model of a transmission

Gearing Up for the CVTs

The continuously variable transmission is helping the automotive industry improve vehicle fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

Computer model predicting where debris might fall after a catastrophic explosion

Keeping Disaster at a Distance

Computer models that predict where debris might fall after a catastrophic explosion are helping engineers safely site aircraft and ammunition magazines.

Highly detailed image from space of Earth's dynamic auror obtained with by IMAGE spacecraft

New Eyes in Space

Stunning images of the previously unseen magnetosphere are enhancing knowledge of the Earth's sometimes volatile interactions with the sun.

Particulate emissions from an emissions stack on a heavy-duty diesel truck before addition of the water + EGR system

A Cleaner-Burning Diesel

Novel technologies are helping the most efficient engine clean up its act for the vehicles of tomorrow.


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