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Valuable contributions to the research reported in this article were made by CNWRA staff members Brittain Hill, Gerry Stirewalt, David Ferrill, Ron Martin, Brent Henderson, Steve Lynton, Peggy Hunka, Peter Lichtner, and Randy Manteufel. The author also received helpful comments from Wes Patrick, Budhi Sagar, Lawrence McKague, and Bill Murphy (CNWRA). Other contributors to CNWRA volcanological studies include Yuri Doubik, Yuri Taran, Igor Federchenko, Sasha Ovsyannikov, Phil Doubik, and Slava Shapar (Institute of Volcanic Geology an Geochemistry, Petropavlovsk, Russia); Linda Kovach, John Trapp, and Steven McDuffie (NR); Claudio Gutierrez, Martha Navarro, and Oscar Uribinas (INETER, Nicaragua); and Mitchell Ventura (Protección Civil, Colima, Mexico). Reviews of CNWRA research by volcanologists such as James Luhr (Smithsonian Institution), Steve Self and George Walker (University of Hawaii), Peter Lipman and Paul Delaney (U.S. Geological Survey), Alexander McBirney (University of Oregon), Michael Conway and Grenville Draper (Florida International University), and Christopher Condit (University of Massachusetts) are gratefully acknowledged. This article documents work performed under contract number NRC-02-93-005 for the NRC Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research. This article is an independent product of the CNWRA and does not necessarily reflect the view or regulatory position of the NRC.

Published in the Summer 1995 issue of Technology Today®, published by Southwest Research Institute. For more information, contact Joe Fohn.