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About the Participants

Bruce B. Bykowski
As assistant director of the Emissions Research Department in the Automotive Products and Emissions Research Division, Bykowski has worked in the areas of exhaust aftertreatment, emissions testing, and chemical analyses. He has applied his knowledge of catalysts, particulate traps, and zeolites to a variety of engine emission sources.

Jay L. Fisher, Ph.D.
Fisher is currently involved in a consortium to investigate magnetostrictive sensor inspection technology. He has experience with specialized electromagnetic techniques for flaw detection and material characterization. Fisher is a program manager in the Nondestructive Evaluation Science and Technology Department of the Instrumentation and Space Research Division.

Robert L. Bass, Ph.D.
Bass is vice president of the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Division. In addition to directing a variety of division activities, he has been instrumental in developing fluid-mechanical systems for the energy, marine, and aerospace industries.

Gerald R. Leverant, Ph.D.
Leverant, program director, Power Generation Materials, Mechanical and Materials Engineering Division, is an authority on the deformation and fracture of metals and alloys. He is currently concentrating his technical activities on materials for aircraft and land-based gas turbines.

Thomas W. Ryan, Ph.D.
Ryan, an Institute engineer in the Engine and Vehicle Research Division, has expertise in alternative fuels and fuel combustion technologies. Ryan is currently leading a fuels and lubricants consortium, as well as an engine consulting support service.

Published in the Summer 1999 issue of Technology Today®, published by Southwest Research Institute. For more information, contact Maria Stothoff.

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