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Cordierite and silicon carbide ceramics are frequently used in particulate traps to control particulate emissions from diesel engines. SwRI engineers are investigating the use of traps, in combination with technologies that reduce oxides of nitrogen emissions, to meet tighter emission regulations just three years over the horizon.

Technology Today® Summer 1999

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Diesel Deadlines

Engineers blend new emission-reduction methods with older ones to help diesel manufacturers meet fast-approaching new standards.

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Assuring Heart Valve Reliability

Acoustic emission techniques, first used to assess the quality of nuclear power plant components, are now determining the reliability of artificial heart valves.

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The New Space Environment

NASA's growing demand for miniaturized space instruments is guiding researchers toward the development of innovative technologies.

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Cooperating Competitors

A panel of SwRI researchers from diverse fields discusses the pros and cons behind a continuing industry trend -- that of competitors combining research dollars and sharing the technical returns.


Technical Staff Activities

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