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Years of experience with advanced powertrain system development at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) allow engineers to analyze and evaluate many advanced production systems and components.

All phases of the vehicle powertrain design process can be addressed as a system or as a system of systems, depending on client needs. Projects are conducted related to the following topics:

Initial Requirement Analysis

  • Software project planning
  • High-level requirement specifications
  • Project organization

Hardware and Software Algorithms and Specifications

  • Software design plan
  • Hardware parameters
  • Hardware boundary conditions
  • Functionality planning
  • Functionality design

Hardware and Software Implementation

  • Software coding
  • Software execution
  • Software debugging
  • Hardware construction
  • Hardware control
  • Hardware interface
  • Hardware testing
  • Issuance of engineering change orders to correct design errors found during implementation

Laboratory and Vehicle Validation

  • Product testing against design requirements with client oversight
  • Design of tests for both laboratory and vehicle-mounted conditions

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