2004 Caterpillar C7
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2004 Caterpillar C7 Benchmarking Report

The Model Year 2004 Caterpillar C7 engine assessment includes the following data:

  • Extensive steady-state mapping at 152 speed/load conditions, including:
    • Performance
    • Gaseous emissions and smoke (particulate emissions taken at 21 points)
    • Fuel consumption and efficiency
    • Fuel injection schedule
    • Heat rejection
      • Aftercooler
      • Total engine coolant
  • Step-transient response testing at three test speeds, 0-100-0% load:
    • Torque rise rate
    • NOx and smoke opacity
    • Actuator response
    • Injection timing
  • FTP & ESC emissions testing
  • Motoring friction at 10-12 speeds
  • Recording of cylinder pressure at 152 points and detailed analysis of 21 select points (including points from the ISO 8178 C1 procedure)
  • Engine disassembly and inspection:
    • Critical dimensions
    • Exhaust treatment system description
    • Subsystem and component descriptions
    • Photographs of components
  • Air flow testing of head
    • Port flow coefficients
    • Swirl
    • Pressure drop

Price: $49,500

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