2007 Volvo D13F
Heavy-Duty Engine Benchmarking Program

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Tim Callahan
Staff Engineer
Engine, Emissions and Vehicle Research
(210) 522-6890

Robert Burrahm
Assistant Director
Office of Automotive Engineering
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View one of the 2007 Volvo D13F engine

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View two of the 2007 Volvo D13F engine

2007 Volvo D13F Data and Reports

  • Data (XLS format)
    • Steady-state mapping data
      • Data collected at approximately 100 rpm increments, 10-percent load steps
      • Temperatures, pressures, and flow rates
      • BSFC, emissions, and AVL smoke
      • Cylinder pressure, heat release, and injection events versus crankangle
      • 100-percent load heat rejection
    • 13-mode ESC and 8-mode nonroad modal data
    • Results from standardized test cycles (FTP, NRTC, and ESC)
    • Friction curve data
    • Logged data during
      • Heavy-duty transient cycle (FTP) (1 Hz)
      • Nonroad transient cycle (NRTC) (1 Hz)
      • Snap-throttle response data (10 Hz)
      • Altitude derate data (1 Hz)
      • Coolant derate data (1 Hz)
    • Teardown data
  • Reports (PDF format) and Presentations (PPT format:
    • Performance and emissions test report and presenation
    • DPF evaluation report and presentation
    • Teardown and technical assessment report
    • Cylinder head flow report
  • High-resolution digital photographs from engine teardown in JPEG format

Price: $109,500

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