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SwRI's Heavy-Duty Engine Benchmarking Program is designed to test and characterize competitive engines to assess their relative performance, emissions and technology.

The Heavy-Duty Engine Benchmarking Program at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is designed to test and characterize competitive engines to assess their relative performance, emissions and technology. The results of this program include data sets of great interest to companies that manufacture or use diesel engines, components or after treatment systems.

Engine Benchmarking

Competitive product benchmarking is a standard practice among engine, vehicle and component manufacturers. Comparative testing of new products is of great value for evaluating state-of-the-art technology, and SwRI has a successful track record at executing benchmarking programs for the light- and heavy-duty engine industries. This heavy-duty diesel engine benchmarking program is of particular relevance because of new emissions reduction technologies being introduced.

Engine Data Sets

The heavy-duty diesel engine program data availability falls into three categories.

  • Available data sets
  • Ongoing engine evaluations
  • Future engines under consideration

Data sets from past evaluations are available now. SwRI will typically have one or two engines under evaluation at any given time. These engines are listed along with project completion status on the "Ongoing engine evaluations" web page of this site. The third category lists engines under consideration for benchmarking. Please examine the "Future Potential Projects" web page and provide us with feedback about which engines are of interest. Final selection of the next engines to evaluate will be determined from subscriber interest levels.

Extensive Engine Testing and Characterization

This engine benchmarking program is based on a thorough characterization of each engine and extensive testing under equal conditions. The testing program is designed to provide comparative data on the engines' performance, emissions, and efficiency, as well as an assessment of their emissions reduction technologies. Additional details about the specific measurements made on each engine can be found on our Report Content web page.

For more information about Heavy-Duty Engine Benchmarking Program or how you can contract with SwRI, please contact Tim Callahan, at tcallahan@swri.org or (210) 522-6890.

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