Webinars & Conferences
Energy Storage System Evaluation
& Safety II Consortium

Webinars and Conferences

These webinars are designed to provide background information and a forum to discuss technical and testing details. They are open to the public.

Conference dates at which an EssEs repesentative will be in attendance are listed to afford you an opportunity to schedule a meeting during the conference.

Event Date Topic Material Request Invitation
AABC Europe January
25-30, 2016
    Contact Bapiraju Surampudi, Ph.D. at (210) 522-3278 or bsurampudi@swri.org
AABC Detroit June
13-17, 2016
    Contact Bapiraju Surampudi, Ph.D. at (210) 522-3278 or bsurampudi@swri.org
Recent Events
EssEs-II PAC Meeting
(San Antonio, Texas)
19-20, 2016

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Related Terminology

energy storage system development  •  battery cells  •  greenhouse gas emission reduction  •  fuel economy improvements  •  hybrid electric vehicles  •  plug-in hybrid electric vehicles  •  electrochemical storage system research  •  batteries  •  lithium-ion

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