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Fire Technology Testing Services


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Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) Fire Technology Department conducts standard tests (below) in accordance with strict standard fire test methods used in industries:

Construction     Transportation     Public Utilities    

Fire Technology Nonstandard Testing Services



Aerosol Cans/Candles  

Nicholas Middleton

Combustion and Inhalation Toxicity 

Matthew Blais


Alexandra Joyce

Fire Fighting Foam Evaluations  

Jason Huczek

Flexible Hose Evaluation for Offshore Installations  

Bill Bendele
Jeremy McDonald

Glazing Materials  

Bill Bendele

High Temperature Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) 

Matthew Blais

Large-Scale Heat Release Rate Calorimetry  

Karen Carpenter

Pressure Relief Devices Exposed to Fire Evaluation  

Bill Bendele
Alexandra Joyce

School Bus Seat Test  

Nicholas Middleton

Smoke Detector/Alarm Systems  

Jason Huczek

Sprinkler System Evaluations  

Jason Huczek

Toxicity Evaluation of Smoke by Radiant Combustion and Exposure Apparatus  

Nicholas Middleton

Vehicle Fuel Tank Vulnerability  

Bill Bendele


SwRI's testing laboratories and Listing, Labeling and Follow-up Inspections Program are accredited through federal, state, international and other various agencies.


For more information about fire technology services and capabilities for third-party listing and labeling and third-party production control programs and product certification at SwRI or how you can contract with SwRI, please call (210) 522-2311 or e-mail


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Matthew Blais, Ph.D.


Department of Fire Technology

(210) 522-3524

Fire Technology

(210) 522-2311

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Fire Technology Department

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August 07, 2014