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Labels from the SwRI Listing, Labeling, & Follow-up Inspection Services

Fire technology code consulting is a service provided by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). Engineers advise clients about the steps required to comply with regulations and obtain code and type approvals.

Engineers assist clients with the preparation of an Evaluation Submittal Packet for obtaining an evaluation report from a code body such as IAPMO.

Evaluation reports are used by inspectors throughout the country to verify that the product meets specified requirements.

Fire Code Development and Change

Engineers participate actively in the development and change of codes, regulations, and standards by supplying scientific data, calculations, and experimental evidence to support the development of a new code or modifications to existing codes.

Fire Code Compliance Consultation

Industry and government agencies face growing pressures to improve quality, performance, and durability of products and materials for acceptance by users, manufacturers, architects, engineers, code officials, and authorities having jurisdiction. SwRI has successfully collaborated with clients' research and development teams to help them achieve their market objectives while continuing to comply with code and regulatory body requirements.

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