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image: Simulated spill fire in a flammable materials processing plant setting

Simulated spill fire in a flammable materials processing plant setting

The most complicated aspects of fire research and testing are tackled by the Engineering and Research Section of the Fire Technology Department at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). Typical activities of the section include:

Custom Testing and Consultation

SwRI is at the apex of fire technology with its capabilities in custom design and evaluations. Engineers and scientists design custom tests and provide consultations to provide sound scientific evaluations specific for any application. Full-scale tests are developed to determine the response of processes, structures, materials, products, and environment to realistic explosions, heat, smoke, and fire. Events can be recreated to determine possible root causes of events and develop mitigation techniques to prevent further losses.

Product and Process Optimization

We can be your partner in developing a small portion or an entire process. The Fire Technology Department specializes in:

  • Optimization of type and quantity of fire inhibitors in polymers and composites
  • Optimization of processes for inclusion of fire inhibitors
  • Batch-scale reaction studies for chemicals
  • Design, construction, and operation of pilot plants
  • Evaluation and optimization of the fire safety of processes and plants
  • Development of active and passive safety systems for processes
  • Development of automatic control systems for processes
  • Simulation and modeling of upset conditions or fire scenarios in processes

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