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Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) Fire Technology Department conducts standard tests (below) in accordance with strict standard fire test methods used in industries:

Construction     Transportation     Public Utilities    

Fire Technology Custom Design Services



Aerospace Components (Testing and Evaluations) 

Alexandra Joyce

Combat Vehicle Survivability Testing  

Marc Janssens

Custom Design Offshore Fire Systems 

Jeremy McDonald

Environmental Control Equipment 

Bill Bendele

Fire Modeling  

Jason Huczek

Fire Protection Custom-Design Tests  

Jason Huczek

Flame Arrester  

Alexandra Joyce

Full-Scale Pool Fire Simulations  

Bill Bendele

Gas and Vapor Cloud Fire and Explosion  

Alexandra Joyce

Gas Dispersion (Accidental Releases)  

Alexandra Joyce

Heat Transfer Equipment (Testing and Evaluation)  

Alexandra Joyce

Hydrocarbon Pool Fire Simulation >2000F  

Bill Bendele

Jet Fire/High Intensity Apparatus/High-Rise Curve  

Jeremy McDonald

Listing and Labeling Services  

Tim Koebke

Natural Gas Systems (Transmission and Distribution) 

Alexandra Joyce

Perimeter Joints and Fire Stops  

Abel De Hoyos

Pool Fire/Flame Engulfment Evaluations  

Bill Bendele

Propellant Combustion, Fires, and Military Studies  

Alexandra Joyce

Propellant Pyrotechnics and High Sensitivity Studies  

Alexandra Joyce

Risks and Hazard Analysis 

Alexandra Joyce

Room Temperature/Rate of Heat Release Test 

Jason Huczek

Sprinkler Evaluation for Rack Storage in Warehouse  

Jason Huczek

Telecommunications NEBS  

Bill Bendele


SwRI's testing laboratories and Listing, Labeling and Follow-up Inspections Program are accredited through federal, state, international and other various agencies.


For more information about fire technology services and capabilities for third-party listing and labeling and third-party production control programs and product certification at SwRI or how you can contract with SwRI, please call (210) 522-2311 or e-mail


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Matthew Blais, Ph.D.


Department of Fire Technology

(210) 522-3524

Fire Technology

(210) 522-2311

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Listing, Labeling, and Follow-up Inspection Services

Fire Technology Department

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August 07, 2014