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The Fluids Filtration and Handling Research Section performs a wide variety of research in the Fuels and Lubricants Technology Department at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). The technical strengths of the group include fluid mechanics, heat transfer, sensor development, liquid filtration, contamination control and identification, fuel and water logistics, chemometric methods of analysis, and test methods development.

The Fluids Filtration and Handling Research Section also conducts projects in fuel properties, fuel combustion, grease, aviation fuels, thermal stability, and specialty fluids. Capabilities in this area include: fuel properties, renewable fuels, fuel stability, fuel combustion, flammability, alternative fuels, analytical laboratory, aviation fuels and thermal stability, additives, greases, specialty fluids, combustion kinetics, fuel storage, and distillate fuel peroxidation.

Scott Hutzler, Manager

Fluids Filtration & Handling Research Technical Strengths

For more information about the SwRI Aviation Jet Fuel Filtration Test Facility, visit www.aviationfuelfiltration.swri.org.

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