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The Learning Sciences and Systems Section applies research and innovation to improve human performance. We provide a wide variety of engineering services and products to government and industry clients. We conduct research, perform feasibility studies and technology evaluations, and develop instructional materials, simulators, simulation models and distributed systems for training, test and evaluation, and operations and maintenance purposes. We also provide requirements analysis and needs assessment, systems engineering, software development and integration, and logistics supports services. Since 2004, LSS has developed and implemented a model to capture valuable, tacit expert knowledge within organizations and transform it into usable content for courseware and just-in-time performance support.

We apply the most appropriate skill set and systems engineering processes to real-world problems, challenges and opportunities requiring solid solutions. We form teams of cognitive scientists, human factors and instructional design professionals, simulation engineers and integration specialists to work closely with clients to provide timely, high-quality, customized solutions. Our project teams analyze the client's needs, design solutions and develop strategies, methods and media to provide innovative, effective and affordable solutions. LSS's technical expertise is based on more than 25 years of experience in creating cutting-edge technical solutions for the simulation and training industries.

Jorge Lopez, Manager

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