Infrastructure & Network Systems

image of one of SwRI's communication equipment evaluation laboratories

One of SwRI's communication equipment evaluation laboratories

Planning, designing, developing, deploying, and managing infrastructure and network systems present many challenges, especially when guided by requirements of harsh operating environments, stringent security concerns, or above-average reliability.

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) engineers have extensive expertise with:

  • Infrastructure Design & Analysis
    • Communications master plan development
    • On-call infrastructure design support services
    • Requirements definition and specification development
    • Equipment Interoperability and Performance Testing
    • Hybrid video and data network design
    • Server system design and integration
  • Network & System Security
    • Network compromise and vulnerability assessment
    • Classified network system design and integration
    • Advanced protocol security analysis
  • Network System COTS Design
    • Niche Application commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) system design
    • Mobile communication research
    • Low-cost video distribution system design

The primary research focus for communications infrastructure and network systems at SwRI has been design, integration, and analysis for end clients such as:

  • Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)
  • Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)
  • National Communications System (NCS)
  • Educational agencies
  • Governmental agencies
  • Commercial clients

Examples of Infrastructure and Network Systems Projects

  • Consulting, Analysis, & Specification Development
    • Communications Master Plan
    • Network Security Plan Development and Vulnerability Assessment
    • Technology Studies for NCS
  • COTS Integration
    • LifeLinkā„¢ Mobile Video System
    • Bus Incident Monitoring System Wireless Video
    • Satellite Video Link
  • Custom Design & Prototype Development
    • ITS Communications Network
    • Turn-Key Server System Design and Integration
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