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Embedded Systems Security

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Embedded Systems Security
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image: Smart Energy Grid meter security testing

Smart Energy Grid meter security testing

Network and system security testing is a service offered by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). The Critical Systems Department at SwRI has the expertise to offer network and system security testing services through its various phases, including a number of disciplines related to the security testing process such as:

  • Security Test Planning

    • Test plan development
    • Threat modeling
    • Vulnerability analysis
    • Risk analysis
  • Security Test Execution

    • Exploit development
    • Penetration testing
    • Wireless security
    • Fuzzing
    • Software reverse engineering
    • Hardware reverse engineering
    • Firmware analysis
    • Embedded systems testing
  • Security Test Results

    • Smart Energy Grid meter security testing
    • Gap analysis
    • Mitigation recommendations
    • Mitigation implementation
    • Test equipment and procedures migration

Related Terminology

vulnerability assessment  •  penetration testing  •  fuzzing  •  asset identification  •  software reverse engineering  •  hardware reverse engineering  •  communications reverse engineering

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