ITS Data Warehousing & Data Mining

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Using data mining techniques, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) unveils important trends and relationships hidden in transportation data warehouses. SwRI analysts and engineers develop and integrate technologies to enhance existing transportation management systems.

Data Warehousing

SwRI has extensive experience and in-depth expertise in warehousing intelligent transportation system (ITS) data. We understand the complexities involved in assessing the types, sources, and uses of information needed by multiple organizations with different missions, and we can assist diverse groups in arriving at a common solution.

Data that could be considered are:

  • Traffic speed data
  • Rainfall data
  • Holidays and special events
  • Device information
  • System configuration information

Possible scenarios that could be analyzed are:

  • Effect of weather on traffic flow and incidents
  • Effect of special events on traffic flow and incidents

image of locations of major incidents showing cumulative durations

Locations of major incidents showing cumulative durations

Map showing color-coded speed data on I-10 East (San Antonio) during afternoon rush hour

Map showing color-coded speed data on I-10 East (San Antonio) during afternoon rush hour

Data Mining

SwRI has demonstrated the potential for mining large volumes of ITS data acquired by a traffic management center using a visualization-based approach.

Types of intelligent transportation system data that could be mined are:

  • Speed by lanes and links
  • Lane volume and occupancy
  • Incidents by type and location
  • Dynamic message sign and lane control signal text
  • Sensor status

Insights provided from time-stamped archived data are potentially useful for:

  • Planning
  • Maintenance
  • Operation
  • Cost/benefit analyses

Visual Insights

Because visualization is a powerful tool for gaining useful insights into massive amounts of data, intelligent transportation system and weather data are rendered using visualization methodologies. These visualizations are based on the premise that the most useful insights will be gained by examining ITS data as they are related across space and time.

For this reason, SwRI has designed and implemented a graphical user interface that facilitates mining of ITS data.

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