Mediation Software Tool

SwRI developed the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Toolbox for a nationally recognized mediation attorney seeking to turn his vision into a software program for the market. The result was PictureItSettled®. SwRI built the tools to cleanse raw mediation data, review case and party demographic data, and create a custom-designed data warehouse. This continuously collected historical data is used to dynamically build probabilistic models of plaintiff and defendant behavior. The back-end analytics components were then wrapped with an intuitive and highly interactive web-based interface for ease of use.

image of mediation case management

Case management

  • Major components of the system include:
    • Case Dashboard
    • Case Management
    • Offer Management
    • Perform Analysis

Informed Planning

Historically based planning functionality allows users to plan an offer strategy before any offers are made. Users input their desired settlement amount, initial offer, and anticipated negotiation start and end dates. The mediation software, PictureItSettled, then finds historical cases similar in nature and displays offer paths that resulted in successful mediations. Users also have the option to tweak the negotiation strategy by modifying the speed and size of offer moves. This allows the user to plan a consistent same dollar strategy or make big concessions up front to be in a better position at the end of the negotiation.

image of mediation planning scenarios

Planning scenarios

Offer Predictions

The SwRI-designed mediation software, PictureItSettled®, uses Monte Carlo simulations to anticipate an opponent’s future moves as the case plays out. These simulations allow users to leverage the knowledge contained within thousands of historical cases. As the user enters offers, the mediation software analyzes negotiation patterns that have occurred in the past. The results are then displayed to the user in the form of “hurricane tracks” which show when and of what value future offers will likely occur.

image of mediation predicting future offers

Predicting future offers

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