Oil & Gas

SwRI is developing customizable analytics applications for a variety of client needs. One such initiative, named “Plutarch,” is to develop a web-based generic framework for defining and tracking workflow, gathering data of various formats via mobile devices, and generating reports.

image of oil & gas work items screenshot  image of oil & gas work items screenshot image of oil & gas screenshot image of oil & gas export screenshot image of oil & gas Workflow Process screenshots

Workflow process screenshots

With Plutarch serving as the foundation, SwRI is actively developing and expanding an internal quality assurance project to track and verify processes for a major oil and gas company project. SwRI is performing a detailed and rigorous testing process to verify adherence to specifications. Plutarch has reduced the time required for quality assurance (QA) processes by several factors, while increasing the reliability of the QA process.

Owing to its generic nature, the Plutarch toolset can be customized by its users to a high degree. This allows field personnel to define the workflow process, persist data, gather data, and collect data from the multifaceted testing process. Future phases of the project will include applying analytic methods against the collected data to optimize various phases of the process and increase their reliability.

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