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Program – Funded by I-95 Corridor Coalition and
Led by NYSDOT & Volvo Trucks

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SwRI has developed applications that enhance highway user safety, mobility and operational efficiencies through the use of connected vehicle technologies in commercial vehicles. These applications utilize 5.9 GHz DSRC to exchange data between the commercial vehicle, infrastructure, and other commercial, passenger, and maintenance vehicles to enable a cooperative system of intelligent vehicles.


The CVII program has completed 2 primary phases. The first phase used the VII Proof-of-Concept applications to integrate commercial vehicle probe data and traveler information and extended these to include driver credential verification and wireless roadside inspection. This phase also developed the capability for maintenance vehicles to alert commercial vehicles. The second phase of the program focused on developing vehicle-to-vehicle applications including: blind spot warnings, hard braking events, tailgate warnings, unsafe-to-merge/pass scenarios. This phase also included the development of a railroad-crossing-grade warning system.

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Key Elements Supporting Interoperability of the CVII Program On-Board System

  • SAE J1939 Commercial Vehicle Data Bus
  • 5.9 GHz Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC)
  • IEEE 1609 WAVE Standards
  • SAE J2735 Message Set
  • Safety Data Message Set


The CVII Program has developed and demonstrated these applications at the following locations:

Robert Heller, Ph.D., Program Director, (210) 522-3824,