Active Safety Systems R&D

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Sensor Analysis and Perception

The extensive benchmarking capabilities of Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) allow us to analyze the accuracy and precision of various sensor and perception systems using our state-of-the-art laboratories and test and measurement systems. We also maintain a fleet of actuated full-size prototype vehicles to deploy and evaluate experimental hardware and software used in active safety systems.

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Perception and Control Algorithms

Urban traffic environments pose unique perception and control challenges. SwRI has achieved high object detection rates with extremely low false positive returns for detecting vehicles and vulnerable road users. Our algorithms are scalable, modular, and extensible allowing our OEM clients maximum flexibility in incorporating them in their active systems, in part or in whole.

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Automated Driving

Automated driving is much more than just combining longitudinal and lateral control active safety systems. SwRI has realized many highly automated driving systems and has publically demonstrated the adaptability and modularity of our high-performance fully autonomous vehicles. These systems are sensor driven and do not require a "pre-drive" or extensive "a priori map data.

Examples of SwRI Active Safety Systems Programs

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