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Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), a pioneer in intelligent vehicle technology, is now serving as a connected vehicle affiliated test bed, recognized by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA). Through this agreement, SwRI is one of multiple sites across the country supporting ongoing research and development, testing, and demonstration of connected vehicle applications, standards, and innovative products.


The USDOT test bed project facilitates the exchange of information as well as the access to tools and resources across other test bed facilities to support and encourage a consistent, future deployment of connected vehicle technologies. The project aims to advance the technology toward full deployment through information sharing and developing a common technical platform.

image of red truck on SwRI test track

Key Elements of SwRI Research

SwRI provides a test bed environment that combines a unique set of experience and capabilities:

  • Advanced traffic management systems
  • Advanced traveler information systems
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Connected vehicles
  • Vehicle automation
  • Connected automation


This affiliation of connected vehicle test beds will allow the public and private sectors to pursue research, testing, and demonstrations of innovative, next-generation ITS technologies. SwRI has numerous facilities and capabilities to support this research, including a 5.9 GHz dedicated short range communications antenna test field, a 1.2 mile test track with a signalized intersection, and dedicated intelligent vehicle laboratories including native IPv6 internet connectivity from the labs and the test track to USDOT operated test bed servers.

Robert Heller, Ph.D., Program Director, (210) 522-3824,