Emergency Electronic Braking

illustration of car crash


A common crash scenario on public roadways is the rear-end collision as a result of delayed driver reaction to unseen incidents or obstacles in their lane of travel. Drivers reactions are typically limited to situations in their immediate line of sight.


By identifying situations such as hard-braking events onboard a vehicle and sharing that information with surrounding vehicles, drivers can be given advanced warning of otherwise unseen incidents and events. Different thresholds can be applied to different vehicle classes based upon their respective dynamics, such as acceleration/deceleration rates of passenger vehicles versus heavy trucks.

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This SwRI application helps the driver of following vehicles by giving an early notification of lead vehicle braking hard even when the driver’s visibility is limited due to both obstructions by other vehicles and in inclement weather conditions. This advanced warning can also be integrated into active safety systems, allowing vehicle control systems to automatically begin applying brakes.

Ryan D. Lamm, Director, (210) 522-5350, rlamm@swri.org