Hardware Design & Construction

Image: Hardware Design & Construction

This switched-capacitor step-down power supply is 2.5 in. long and 0.12 in. thick.

The Hardware Design and Construction group in the Electronics Systems and Robotics Department at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) produces unique, state-of-the-art electronic systems and equipment to meet client requirements. Primary technical areas include communications equipment, analog and digital signal collection and processing equipment, subminiature and micropower circuit development, and customized power supplies. Extremely rapid response is available when necessary.

David Slimpin, Director
E.H. Cooper, Institute Engineer
Merle E. Converse, Technical Advisor

Hardware Design & Construction Technical Strengths

  • Voice and data communications systems
  • Special purpose radars and electromagnetic field systems
  • Electrostatic Measurements
  • Environmental power supplies: solar, thermal, wind
  • Unique packaging and subminiature design
  • Reduced size, weight, and power requirements
  • Miniature DC power supplies
  • Sensor design and development
  • Radio frequency applications
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