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Clients use our biometrics engineering services because they require the fastest available development cycle, often less than one year. This includes completion of all development stages beginning with technical requirements and ending with deliverable hardware and software as well as a technical data package (TDP). Rapid development capabilities for biometric devices include:

  • Concept to deliverable in less than one year

  • Down-selection from partially functional rapid prototypes in the first few months

  • In-house MIL STD environmental and electromagnetic compatibility testing

Image: Actual development chronology for two generations of tactical biometrics devices

Actual development chronology for two generations of tactical biometrics devices


SwRI has a proven record of rapid biometric device development and is eager to take on new challenges. For more information about our biometrics technology program, or how you can contract with SwRI, please contact Errol Brigance at ebrigance@swri.org or (210) 522-5071.




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Errol Brigance

Biometrics Technologies Program

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August 07, 2014