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Producing a tasty, well-textured, and safe food product is difficult considering the delicate behavior of many foods during processing and numerous HACCP (hazard analyses and critical control points) and other governmental regulations. The use of control-point monitoring then becomes central to the task of successful food processing. Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) offers an array of established and developmental technologies to achieve accurate and fast control-point monitoring for any number of physical parameters such as:

  • Temperature (surface and internal)

  • Relative humidity

  • Moisture content

  • Surface texture

  • Contamination

  • Foreign object detection

  • Viscosity

  • Flow rate

  • Oil quality

  • Optical properties (color, dimensions, spacing, and others)

  • Component ratios

Past work in these areas include:

For more information about our control point monitoring capabilities, or how you can contract with SwRI, please contact Clinton J. Thwing, at cthwing@swri.org or (210) 522-3989.




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Clinton J. Thwing

Process Monitoring Technology

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